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Some tips to start a Web Design Business

I read yesterday this post about starting up a Web Design Business.
I liked it because it made me think about some key points.
Is important, as is usual in other business, to have a plan and clear thinking.

In a concise way, a summary would be:

1st Establish your reputation in some field.
2nd Differentiate your business area in front of the legion of competitors.

In my case: I am a Web Business consultant, expert CMS WordPress programmer (themes, mobile and plugins) and Search Engine Optimization, and hope soon Prestashop expert.

3rd Perform high quality work to get personal recommendations from your clients.
4th A good agency sells: Ideas, Strategy, and a good “Look and feel”.

In my case: Strategy + Design + Legal advice+ Ideas -> I am engineer -> My style is Clear thinking and ideas

5th Draw maps, diagrams and project drafts
6th Focus on a particular Web style. But is a risk because you could be obsolete soon. Think a clear and smart style.

In my case: again, clear thinking, I am an engineer.

7th Pricing: Estimate your cost per hour. Divide the total project cost by the estimated total number of hours you will need to do so.
8th again, Differenciate your work.
9th Hire young, enthusiastic and passionate people.
10th You must have an AMAZING website. The first thing that your clients will do is see what we are able to do. Is very important our brand image.

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